Small portable machines used by other companies expel damp, smelly air into your home and business. These smells can often linger in your curtains and soft furnishings. Our machine stays in our van, keeping your home or business smelling fresh and clean.

The cleaning results are equally impressive. The truck-mounted equipment provides three key benefits for the client. First, the truck-mount provides maximum heat, maintaining temperatures of up to 230 degrees throughout the job. The hotter the water, the greater the cleaning results, as the soils you are unable to see deep within your carpet literally melts away into our extraction system. Second, the high-pressure system can operate up to 1000 psi. This allows the operator to inject cleaning solution deeper into the fibres of the carpet, giving a more thorough clean. Finally, the system has a large blower and vacuum system, which means that it is able to extract over 90% of the water from the carpets - translating into a quicker drying time.

Equipment such as this is available to all carpet cleaning and restoration firms, but it is more expensive to procure and operate. This year along, we have invested over £20,000 in new equipment to give you the best results possible.


1. Can you get my carpets looking brand new?

Not all spots can be removed from carpets, just like not all stains come out of your clothes. Even though some of our clients have told us we perform cleaning miracles, the truth is: we are cleaning properly to industry approved specifications. The cleaning is completed by trained, competent professionals able to remove anything that can be removed.

2. Can the state of my carpets affect my health?

Unfortunately, yes!. During the last 20 years cases of Asthma have dramatically increased and specialists have put it down to our environment. If you are experiencing runny eyes, wheezing, and sneezing in your home it could very well be linked to your carpets.

3. My carpets don't look dirty - do I really need to get them regularly cleaned?

Sand and dirt is scratching your carpet every single day. If you pull apart the yarns of your carpet you will be able to see yourself. It grinds up expensive yarns into worthless fibres that fill up your vacuum bag. The longer you leave it to fully remove this hidden dirt - the more your carpet wears away.

4. Can my carpets effect the smell of my home?

Certainly. Pollutants in the air are filtered through your carpet. The carpet traps them, so you don't have to breath them over and over. What happens when that trap gets full? Your family starts breathing dust mites, debris, pollens, pollutants, fungus and mould spores bacteria, chemicals, scores of known carcinogens, and a long list of other unwanted things that can cause a very unpleasant smell.

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